October 24, 2013

San Francisco Fall Antiques Show

The San Francisco Fall Antiques Show is currently underway at Fort Mason. I attended the opening night yesterday and drank in the champagne and beautifully dressed people. The point, however, is to stroll slowly through the space to view the exhaustive antiques collections while avoiding wine spillage and broken priceless treasures.

The theme this year is Jazz Moderne: Art Deco and the Avant Garde. Strains of jazz wafted through the party last night and the avant-garde fashion (sequins, pearls and headpieces) was a feast for the eyes, but the galleries had items that also caught my eye and pulled me away from those other distractions. 

Peter Fetterman Gallery
Santa Monica, CA
One of the largest inventories of classic fine art photography.
Ormond Gigli
Models in Windows, NYC

Heller Washam Antiques
Portland, Maine
I must confess I made a purchase last evening, and it was a zeppelin. A 12' long dirigible which I fully intend to electrify into some sort of light over a billiards table. It is kind of like the one in this photo but without the silk covering the structure. Stay tuned. 

San Francisco, CA
20th century furniture and fine art. 
Bruno Romeda, Grand Cercle

New York, NY
Where classicism meets modern.
A mirrored coffee table/cabinet
by Maurice Champion
in mahogany and parchment. 

Il Segno Del Tempo
Milano, Italy
I'm fascinated by all scientific instruments and globes. I think it is the engineer and gypsy sides of me.

American Garage
Los Angeles, CA
Americana and folk art.
This booth draws me in and makes me laugh every year. They seem to really understand our eclectic San Francisco locals. Who else can appreciate a vintage pharmacy sign that just says "Drugs" in bright green with lights or the large hand-painted sign that reads "Smoke Here"?

San Francisco, CA
20th Century and antique furnishings. I loved the Deco walnut chairs.

Hayden & Fandetta
New York
Rare Books
Since I have a daughter named, Hayden, I always do a double-take when I walk by this booth. Hayden who is eleven and my son, Thomas, who is nine are currently fascinated with a TV show called Master Chefs - Junior, which features twelve children battling out in the kitchen over who will be the next famous kid chef. Considering one of the contestants whipped up a batch of macaroons from scratch on the first episode, I'm already envious of their talent and skills. I appreciated Hayden & Fandetta's collection of cookbooks from the 1950s and 1960s that featured recipes for kids and families with Norman Rockwell-esque illustrations on the front (of boys and girls whipping up dinner). Hmmm...Christmas presents for the kids?

October 24 - October 27
Daily: 10:30am - 7:00pm
Sunday: Noon to 5:00pm
Location: Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco
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